Phuket International (PIAC)

Why the Phuket international hospital is famous across the world?

It is located in the South East Asia, and located in the famous for the tourism destination, so that this hospital is famous for this place and their excellent service by the surgeon through the high end technology. It is situated in the part of southern site of the Empire of the Thailand. This Phuket international hospital is situated in between Laos to the North, Burma to the West, Cambodia to the East and Malaysia to the South.

This hospital is near about 867 Km from the Southwest Bangkok, and to the Thailand’s capital city. It is so suitably located just outside the Phuket Island and from the town this hospital on highway 402 between the Central festival shopping mall and Big C and Tesco Louts Superstores and it is confidently accessible by the automobile and public transportation. The doctors are under supervision of the Medical Director, and Dr Toranis Tantiptriyakij that leads the professional as well as caring team of the dedicated people.

All the doctors physicians bring to hospital the impressive variety of the credentials, with a lot of people having the international experience and having the graduated from the international universities. Few of the specialists as well have the international reputations as well as are now leading international developments in the fields of surgery and medicine. Phuket International Hospital as well has an access to various specialist consultants who are travelling at Phuket to consult as well as help on various medical as well as surgical cases, also you are continually consulting with doctors from the countries that are outside of Thailand. The extensive network also brings to hospital clinical knowledge as well as medical developments that drives belief, which they always bring highest quality of the medical care to the patients.

Also, situated in the South East Asia, the Phuket Island is situated in at southern part of Kingdom of Thailand that is sandwiched between the Laos to north, Burma to west, as well as Cambodia to east & Malaysia to south. Phuket is a few 867 Kilometers southwest of the Bangkok, and Thailand’s capital city. Bangkok is the major international aviation center & Phuket has the own international airport a few 30kms north of hospital. When possible they can make sure that the insurance claims are been processed fast, they may liaise with family doctor, embassy ad loved ones at your home and we can make sure that people requirements are met.