Female to male Thailand

Some women believed that physically they are females.  But mentally and emotionally, they are men.    The only solution for their dilemma is by having a female to male Thailand surgery.  This surgical procedure means the alteration of their personality.

Genital reassignment is also known as the female to male surgery.

What are the series of surgeries needed to alter the physical personality of a female to male?

  • Breast removal or the mastectomy
  • The removal of the female reproductive organ or the hysterectomy
  • The genital reassignment
  • And the testosterone treatment

Aside from the breast removal, what are the other plastic surgeries to complete the female to male Thailand surgery?

  • Nipple realignment
  • Removal of the excess skin for more masculine chest appearance

How many years will it take to recover from this surgery before the patient undergoes some other plastic surgeries?

            The female to male surgery patient should recover up to one year before additional adjustments will be made.   It is allowing the complete healing of the skin.

What is a hysterectomy?

            Hysterectomy is the removal of the woman’s uterus.   It can be called as a “full” hysterectomy if the ovaries and the fallopian tubes will be removed.

What are the advantages of a full hysterectomy for a female to male patient?

            The hysterectomy can reduce the risks of ovarian, endometrial and cervical cancer, although the results are not certain.   But the patient should also consult her-his gynecologist especially if the patient has a family history of cancer.

What is the purpose of the testosterone treatments?

The testosterone treatment after the sex change surgery will help to control or reduce the distinction of estrogen.  Estrogen is a hormone that can speed up menopause.

Who are the candidates for the female to male Thailand surgery?

            The transsexual females are the candidates for the female to male Thailand surgery.  The patient must be healthy.  No circulatory and heart problems.    Candidate must be physically and mentally stable.   A non smoker or taker of neither alcoholic drinks nor taking recreational drugs.   Have a realistic outlook in life.   The candidate must have positive views concerning this type of surgical operation’s results.

What are the preparations for a gender reassignment surgery?

            The patient must discontinue the hormone treatment for two weeks before the surgery.  It is necessary for reducing the risk of blood clots or the thrombosis.  Any medication should be stop, especially aspirin or other anti-inflammatory medicines.    Stop smoking and drinking of alcohol.  Must eat healthy and have a regular exercise.

For foreign patients, it is required to submit a letter or certification from a physician or psychologist stating that the patient is a candidate for SRS.  Another certification or letter showing proof that the candidate is on hormones for at least a year.

The patient for a female to male Thailand surgery must have an initial consultation with the surgeon and the completion of necessary health checkups and laboratory tests, three months before the surgical operation.  These laboratory examinations are: CBC, HIV Electrolytes, FNS, Creatinine, Urinalysis, Chest X-ray, and EKG