Dental Care

What is dental care?

Maintaining oral health is called dental care. It is important to keep one’s mouth clean to protect teeth and gums and for general welfare.

How is a healthy mouth identified?

A healthy mouth can be identified by:

  • Clean teeth with no residues.
  • Pink fresh gums which doesn’t bleed while brushing and otherwise.
  • That does not have bad breath.

What are the habits to be followed to have a healthy mouth?

A few of the most common habits that need to be followed by everyone should be:

  • Avoid junk food and such snack substituting it with a very healthy diet.
  •  Brush twice a day, instantly after waking up from sleep and just before going to bed.
  • One must floss regularly to avoid any deposits between the teeth.
  • Smoking must be strictly avoided as it can decolourize the teeth and can cause much more oral and internal problems.
  • A very good mouthwash should be a must in dental care.
  • Regular check ups are a must to detect any minor problems before they become serious.

What are some common dental problems that arise?

Some common problems that cause dental problems would be:

  • Cavity: Cavity is a form of tooth cavity which is connected to what ever is being consumed or with the deficiency of fluoride on daily basis. There are different forms of cavities, which would be, coronal cavity which appears in the chewing surface of the teeth. Root cavity that affects the teeth roots as it gets exposed due to aging. Lastly, would be recurrent cavity, which happens around the filling and the crown. This usually happens due to plague deposit.
  • Plague: It is a colourless layer of bacteria on the teeth. It grows with saliva in the mouth.
  • Tartar: they are hardened plague that is usually on the gum lining causing problems as bleeding, irritation and pain.
  • Gum disease: Problems with gums that later can cause damage to the bone is gum disease. There are basically three stages to it. The initial stage is called Gingivitis, where the gums swell due to plague deposit. The next stage would be Periodontitis where the fibre connecting the teeth to its bone is damaged irrecoverably. The final stage to a gum disease is advanced Periodontitis where the bone connecting the tooth is damaged that the tooth connected falls off.
  • Oral disorders: these are problems where any part of the mouth is swollen, reddish or has sores or white spots.
  • Bad breath: This is also called Halitosis that happens due to gum disease, poor hygiene and food like garlic, tobacco etc.
  • Temporomandibular disorder or TMJ/TMD: This is a problem where the upper and the lower jaws of the mouth do not function properly.

These are a few problems related to oral disease.

What would be some beneficial food for dental care?

Food as green tea, sesame see helps reduce plague. Milk, cheese, yoghurt etc is rich in calcium and helps in PH balance. Vitamin C rich fruits as strawberries and kiwis help in holding the cells together. Water helps in cleaning the mouth from saliva deposits. In short every healthy food has a positive effect on the oral and the general health so it must be seen to consume healthy food on regular basis.