Neck lift Thailand

Old people believe that cosmetic surgeries are only for the rich and famous.   A dull and sagging neck is unattaractive to look at and it can downgrade our personality and we will be conscious with our appearance.  Neck lift surgery can be the last option to regain the beauty and our youthful look.

What is a neck lift Thailand?

This refers to a plastic procedure that can reshape and give tones to the skin of the neck to make it smoother, and with youthful appearance.Neck lift can be performed in different ways but sometimes liposuction can be use to remove excess fat in the neck area.  The doctor will remove the excess kin, and tighten up the muscles in the neck. The surgery will takes only two to three hours.

What are the purposes or goals of a neck lift?

  • It will remove the excess skin (cervicoplasty)
  • It will tighten the neck muscles (platysymplasty)
  • It will remove extra or excess fat (liposuction)

What are the medical risks of a neck lift?

  •  Risk of painful throat or difficult to swallow after the operation.    The possibility also of hoarse voice.
  • Anesthesia allergies
  • Risk of thrombosis or a blood clot in the veins of the legs that can spread to the lungs and heart and can cause death.
  • There might be a risk that the bony fusion which is a part of the spinal surgery will not grow.  A follow-up surgery is recommended to give the fusion support.
  • The neck surgery may damage some of the nerves of the spinal column which can lead to weakness or paralysis.
  • Severe bleeding during the surgery that needs to have blood transfusion.
  • Wound infection that will require antibiotic, to be taken orally or by intravenous
  • Excessive pain

What are the necessary preparations before the neck lift surgery?

  • The patient must in excellent health to make sure that he can tolerate the pain and discomforts of a surgical operation.   The doctor may require the patient to undergo some physical and medical laboratory tests for evaluation of the health condition of the patient as a whole.
  • The patient must quit smoking, for at least two months before the actual surgery; quit alcohol; have a healthful balanced diet; and stop taking recreational drugs that can complicate the surgical procedure.
  • The patient must inform the surgeons of some medications or maintenance he is taking, herbal supplements and vitamins.   One particular concern is if the patient is taking aspirin or any anti-inflammatory medicines that can cause excessive bleeding.    Any medications or supplements should be approved first by the surgeon prior to the surgery.

Some recovery tips after the neck surgery

  • It is recommended to wear neck brace to help to support the spine.
  • The sutures and stitches will be removed after two weeks.  Ask your doctor the right way of taking tub baths.
  • The doctor will teach you the accurate way of deep breathing exercise to help you with your speedy recovery.
  • Do some short and light walking exercise
  • Eat healthy and relax while recovering, do not be stress.