Male chest reduction Thailand

Most male kids and teens today are going through the stage where they have an excess fat carried to their chest area.  This may consider normal and the best solution to get rid of this unattractive size of breast is through the surgical procedure called Gynecomastia.

What is a Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia or breast reduction of male is a medical term for the procedure which aims to reduce the large and women-liked boobs.    Liposuction can be perform to remove the extra fat and tissues.

 What are the reasons for overdeveloped male breasts?

  • Men who are obese even after loss of weight
  • Men who are taking medications like anabolic,  busulfan, catopril, etc.
  • Men who are taking steroids for weight lifting
  • Men who are taking recreational drugs like marijuana
  • And for those male who did not get rid of their puberty stage fats

Who are the best candidates for a gynecomastia?

            The most ideal candidate for breasts reduction is a male who is of normal weight, not previously obese, not taking any medication or recreational drug.  A candidate for this procedure is anyone who has emotional anxiety concerning their chest and does not like to take off their shirt in public.

Who are the bad candidates for breasts reduction?

            Male who are or been obese or who have not tried to lose the chest fat by doing some physical exercises or diet.   Those men who are taking medications that may lead to the enlargement of their chest, or those men who are taking some cancer drugs.

What surgical options for male breast reduction?

A liposuction procedure is a surgical option to reduce the enlargement of men’s boobs.    This is practical for patients who have excessive pockets of fat or just want have a more masculine pectoral outline.  This is a common decision by having only softer fatty areas in the pectorals.

A liposuction procedure can flatten the chest to those patients with large amount of fats or tissue on their chest area.

What is the cost of a male breast reduction Thailand?

            Thailand is considered today the most popular medical tourist destination because of their affordable plastic surgery cost.  For a breast reduction surgery, the price will range from US$4,000 to US$4,500.

How many hours will it takes for a breast reduction surgery?

The breast reduction surgery will takes only one to two hours depending on the extent of the operation.  The patient will stay in the recovery room for an hour with the supervision of the surgical team.

What type of anesthesia is used for a male breast reduction Thailand?

            This procedure requires a general anesthesia so the patient will be asleep during the surgery and will be awaken only after the operation is completed.   Using general anesthesia make a patient more comfortable.

What are the risks of a Gynecomastia surgery?

            The most common risks of this type of surgery may include bleeding, infection and prolonged swelling.  It is recommended to wear a firm compression clothing to prevent the bleeding and swelling.