Ear Surgery Thailand

What is otoplasty?

It is a surgical process under the category of plastic surgery, done in order to correct the shape, position and proportion of the ears to suit the owner’s face. It can correct deformities by birth or by accidents. Macrotia, a condition where both the ears are large and protruded can also be corrected with otoplasty. Ear Surgery Thailand is the best of any ear surgery.

What is the eligibility to this process?

Both children and adults can do this process. Certain norms to fulfil would be:

  • In case child
    • Should be co-operative and must be able to follow instruction
    • Must be above at least five years of age.
    • Should not suffer from any life threatening diseases.
    • Must be able to express their feelings as in sensations etc through words.
    • In case of adults:
      • Should be positive about the process.
      • Should not suffer from any life threatening diseases.
      • Should be a non smoker.

The eligibility is strictly looked into for Ear Surgery Thailand

What has to be discussed with the surgeon before the process?

Every aspect about the surgery has to be discussed with the surgeon. Aspects regarding the procedures involved in the process the medication that need to be followed post and prior the process, the end result to be expected etc. The doctor also performs certain tests etc to see if the patient is eligible for the process. Photographs are also taken for record purposes. All these are by default discussed by the surgeon tot heir patients for Ear Surgery Thailand.

What are the tips to do before the process?

Certain tips to be followed prior to the process would be:

  • Quit smoking
  • Certain lab tests have to be performed as advised by the surgeon.
  • Blood thinning medication must be stopped immediately.
  • Any medication being taken at the moment of the process must be discussed with the surgeons in detail.

What happens in an otoplasty?

In an otoplasty, the incisions are made outside the ears and in cases where internal incisions has to be made, it is made sure the incisions are done in the folds of the ears so that the scars will not be visible post surgery. The process is done and non removable sutures are inserted to keep the newly shapes cartilage in shape. The result of the process is immediate.

What are the risks to a otoplasty?

Certain risks involved in an otoplasty would be:

  • Poor wound curing
  • Infections
  • Blood clotting
  • Allergy to any material used for the process as stick material glue etc.
  • Persisting skin decolourization or swelling or bruising
  • Pain that does not subside.
  • Bleeding
  • Changes in skin sensation
  • Anaesthesia risk
  • Possibility to perform a re-surgery.
  • Adverse scarring
  • Asymmetry in both ears

Why is Thailand the best place for an otoplasty?

This is because, Thailand charges comparatively lesser pricing for an otoplasty than other leading medical tourism rich countries. Besides, the process is conducted by expert doctors with ample experience and expertise. The services provided by the medical field in Thailand are also remarkable. A satisfactory result Ear Surgery Thailand is the best.