Breast reduction Thailand

Aside from many plastic surgery reasons, many women today are choosing to reduce their large breast to help minimize or reduce back pain, neck pain, skin irritation, or problem in breathing that are caused by their large boobs.  Breast reduction surgery is performed to lessen health risks, and it is one of the few procedures that can be covered by some medical insurance.


Breast reduction is a surgical operation with purpose of removing excessive breast and fatty tissue to make the breast smaller, with better-shapes and proportion to other parts of the body.  The areola is elevated to enhance the youthful position and to improve the shape of the breast.

Cost of breast reduction  Thailand

Thailand is considered the most affordable country with safe and effective plastic surgeries in the world.  The breast reduction will cost the patient for as low as US$3,270.00 to US$5,500.  They are offering package tour of medical and tourism where the patient could avail a one whole package that includes airfare (back and forth), hotel accommodation (before and after the surgery), complete treatment, medication and facilities for the desired surgery, hospital stay and the after-surgery follow-ups and examinations.

How many hours will the breast reduction are performed?

The breast reduction surgery will only take two to three hours.  The surgeons will administer a general anesthesia and a patient will be required to stay in the hospital for two days.  And she will have to file a sick leave from her office for two weeks to one month.

What will happen after the surgery?

Once the effect of the anesthesia wears off, the doctors will prescribed the necessary pain relievers and some antibiotics.  The patient should expect some discomforts and pain so it is advisable to stay a night or two in the hospital.   The medical expert will advise the patient to wear a soft supportive bra after a couple of days.   They will require the patient to limit the arm and body movement, hygiene, diet and exercise before leaving the hospital.     The dissolvable stitches will be gone after two weeks and the ordinary sutures will be removed within seven days.

What are the risks of undergoing a breast reduction surgery?

The patient should be aware of risks that pertain in undergoing mammoplasty.  It includes here the risks related to anesthesia and excessive bleeding.    The risks of infection, although this is rare in this kind of surgery procedure.    Some signs of infection include severe swelling, foul smell, pain, and fever over 100.5%, redness and fluid discharge.    A pulmonary thromboembolus, wherein a piece of clot that has lodged in the lungs is very serious problem that can cause breathing difficulty, cardiac arrest and coma.    It can occur after seventy two hours after the surgery.

When can you start your regular and normal activities?

You can return to your work after two weeks, or it depends on your after surgery condition.    You can resume your not too strenuous physical activities after several weeks.   Minimize the movement of your arms, chest and body for two weeks, for it will increase the chances of bleeding.  You have to take care of your breasts for at least six weeks.  Follow your surgeon’s instructions.