Breast implants Thailand

For those  females who are dreaming to have larger and sexy breasts like their  sexy movie  idols could have a dream come true by having breast implants Thailand.

Definition of mammoplasty

This is a surgical procedure which reshapes the breasts, by reducing and lifting the sagging breasts or to enlarge small boobs, or to restructure a breast after removal of tumor.  This procedure is to remove excess tissue from the underside of the breast.   The breast is lifted, and the drawn through an opening in on overhanging skin flap.  To make the breast in large size, saline-filled or silicone gel prosthesis will be inserted in a pocket formed under the breast on the chest wall.

Types of breast implants

  • Saline implants are the type of breasts implants that contains sterile salt or the so-called saline in a silicone shells.
  • Silicone implants are implants which are silicone shells filled with plastic gel (silicone)

Who are the candidates of a breast implants?

Women who are small-breasted are likely the best candidates for a breast implants.   Also females whose boobs have lost their plumpness because of childbirth or a drastic weight loss.  And so as the women who lose their breast because of tumor.

How should a patient prepare for a breast implants?

After the initial consultation with the plastic surgeon,   the patient must quit cigarette/tobacco smoking or drinking alcohol.    She should inform her doctor the medications she is taking like aspirin or other anti-inflammatory drugs.   It is advised for a patient to stay at the hospital before the operation to minimize some risks and infections prior to the surgery.  So, inform the doctor your plan to reserve a hospital suite/room.

Simple description on how the breast implants  Thailand performed

Breast implants can be performed as an outpatient surgical operation.    A general anesthesthesia will be administered for you to sleep and feel no pain.    Incision may be done under your breast, or under your arm, or around the nipple, or it depends on your body, the type of implants to be use and how much will be the enlargement will be done.   The chosen implants will then be placed into a pouch below or above the muscle of the chest.    After the implants are placed, the surgeon will close the incision with surgical tapes or suture.  The whole procedure will last from one to two hours.

What are the risks and complications of breast implants?

Like other surgical procedures, breast implants come with risks and complications.   Some of them are loss of sensation, rupture/deflation, and necrosis, mondor’s cord, seroma, symmastia, gel bleed, bottoming out, unsatisfactory results, breast implants rippling, and interference with mammograms, infection, hematoma, extrusion and capsular contracture.

How about the recovery period after a breast implants?

After the breast implants  Thailand, the recovery period will take two to three weeks.   The surgical dressings will be removed after several days of the operation.  On the first week after the surgery, the patient will be allowed to have a shower.  And the patient can resume her minimal not strenuous daily activities.    Bruising and discoloration will disappear after a month and the swelling will gradually subside.     Arm movement must be limited up to three weeks.