Yanhee Hospital

Why the patients are required to moving for hospital?

Basically the patients are conforming about the hospital and it facilities before their final deals. In most of the cases patients will face lot of critical problem during or after their treatment process only for wrong selection of hospital and doctors. In this regard the patients of the Yanhee International Hospital will never face such types of problem due to active staffs and well skilled surgeons of this arena.

Among others facilities the hospital is having 12 permanent surgeons to handle the surgical departments of plastic and cosmetic surgery. This hospital is also certified by the ISO 9001 for it quality service, so the patients more confident on it for their any health problem.

What are the services?

Yanhee International Hospital has the modern ten story of building with around 400 patient beds as well as gives each and every patient the daily average of around 2,000 cases of the outpatient medical services in the hospital. That also includes various kinds of the health care services as well as expertise of the plastic surgery services.

About the medical group

Yanhee international class hospitals on 1st three twenty four hour of program, and with 120 full time as well as 120 part time doctors of medical, and around 1,000 friendly nurses as well as other well trained health experts that are very much concerned, and to give you with quality and timely medical services. The modern hospital tool, which includes around 95 of outpatient rooms, twelve large as well as thirty small operating room that are operating all different rooms, 18bed ICU that is intensive care unit, delivery room, dental centers, dialysis centers, emergency rooms, nurseries, there Measuring quality of the compliance with the international safety standards and diagnostic laboratories.

Quality of Management System

Yanhee International has an access to over 90 of countries, hospitals as well as other businesses that are recognized with highest international of ISO 9001 as well as ISO 14001 system certification, to make sure that the patients or the clients can get highest quality of the products and the services.