PAI Clinic

Why it was initiated?

Dr. Preecha, a top surgeon in Thailand region and also known as the founder of PAI clinic. He initiated this clinic in order to offer the best cosmetic surgery to patients. He has also been considered as one of the leading surgeon across the globe. He has really managed to hold the leadership with the best mean and has formed a team of experienced plastic surgeon. He has assigned the standard techniques for the accomplishment of the cosmetic surgery at the PAI clinic. Here patients can get the best environment to recover after the surgery which is always important from a patient’s point of view. Thailand is as well very popular option for the people that are needing the sex reassignment surgery. In current years, few people have also taken drastic steps that they can deal with high cost of the health care in a few countries like United States by thinking about the medical travel  & tourism .

Does PAI offers you the service you need?

Few have also traveled to some other countries to get the medical treatment at lower cost. The practice is been referred as the medical travel  and medical tourism. In an other case the people in the poorer countries can practice the medical tourism to richer country for getting the treatment, which is not at all available in home country. The third reason for the medical tourism is going from the country with the long waits for a few treatments as it happens at times with the national health care for one with the less waiting. And following are some things that you need to consider prior to planning  the medical travel  & tourism. First, the residents of the high medical cost countries, United States particularly, actually will save lots of money with the medical travel as well as tourism.

The surgery in Thailand is cheaper than in United States, as well as same is true for other countries. Savings are very significant, particularly for the procedures, which are not been covered by the insurance, and for the people who are not at all insured. It is also becoming very common for the insurance companies and employers who try to cut the health care expenses to motivate the customers and employees to practice the medical tourism. They will also save lots of money in this way and they might pay the partial refunds, and cover the transportation & housing.