MTF Surgery Hospital

What are the specialties facilities of this hospital?

At present, this MTF surgery hospital is a leading private hospital in their location. It is so suitable to draw the surgery solution for the patient complications. This hospital is famous across the world for their wellness and offering some valuable information regarding sex change surgery. The patients are giving first preference to this hospital because it has advance quality technology with best and perfect to their services.

The surgeons of this hospital have approved by the Medical board and Thai board. The staffs and nurses of this hospital are qualifying and experts in their services so that a patient can get their advantage effectively. While the patient move for the hospital, before they need to know about the information and their facilities towards the patient.    Drain urine & enema tube are as well removed and patients who have also undergone operation the SRS will leave clinic for returning after 1 week as well as to remove stitches. In the patients who have already undergone operation SRS 2 (make use of the grafts that are taken from some other parts of body for increasing vaginal cavity) and SRS 3 (make use of cotton wool to reconstruct vagina), surgeon didn’t remove drain urine & enema cannula, as well as patient should lie totally flat until 6th day. Third day after the surgery, patient will lie on a side. Fourth day after the surgery, surgeon removes drain, and after that reopens wound clean.

Patients who already have undergone operation SRS 3 must not at all drink water as well as absorb food till they have dropped wind. After that, he or she will swallow a bit water and take light snack. In case, food is ingested very quickly, and there are symptoms of the indigestion and dyspepsia. Thus, patient SRS 3 “totally should follow instructions of the doctors & nurses. 6th day, remove the patient “SRS 2” and “SRS 3” drain urine & enema tube. Wound is after that, cleaned and patient will leave a clinic. Patients SRS 1, SRS 2 “as well as ” SRS 3 “must be back for removing the stitches and dilate vagina with Dilate that is available at a clinic. In order, to maintain width & depth of vagina, patient must also dilate at least twice in a day for half hour every time. Patients must also clean wound & dilate vagina twice in a day till external wound and vagina is totally healed.