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The decision to perform a plastic surgery may be one of the most important decisions you can make in your life, and that’s exactly why here at Clinic in Thailand, we offer all the support and information you need so your choice is made consciously and safe. With thousands of satisfied customers, became an expert in making people happier. In our plastic surgery clinics and hospitals all over Thailand, your health and appearance always come first, simply because we trust that patients placed under our medical teams, hope that we treat them the same way that we would treat a member of our family. Patients who undergo plastic surgery in our clinics and hospitals, undergo a real transformation, physically and emotionally, which is always a source of pride for the plastic surgery team. We will help you gain your confidence and self esteem by achieving the body you’ve always wanted.

Cosmetic surgery actually went through a major evolution in recent years. Advanced techniques and minimally invasive cosmetic surgery, combined with the artistic sense of the plastic surgeon allows you to create the beauty and help erase the marks of time. Through plastic surgeries and implantation of silicone breast implant and vaser liposuction and tummy tucks, we are able to literally sculpt detailed body parts like breasts and abdomen, making our patients real living sculptures. We use the most advanced and effective cosmetic surgery, to provide the highest quality in our services, giving our patients the best possible results in achieving harmony of the body.

Here in you will find everything needed for your dream contour with safety and quality, observe before and after pictures, prices, find the right plastic surgeon for you and find the type of Surgery the is best for your case.

Plastic surgeries performed :

Breast Implants Thailand – a plastic surgery for implantation of silicone breast prosthesis which increases the woman’s breasts, providing beauty and amazing bust.

Mammaplasty Thailand (Breast reduction Thailand) – a surgery that can correct big and flabby breasts , restoring beauty and comfort to women.

Mastopexy Thailand (Breast Lift Thailand) – a surgery that corrects the sagging breasts by removing excess skin and lifting them.

Mid-Facelift Thailand – a surgery that gets rid of the excess skin in the face, it can be combined with a neck lift and a forehead lift to be a full face lift.

Nose Surgery Thailand (RhinoplastyThailand) – a surgery on the nose that could be nose reshaping to make it smaller, nose implant to make it bigger or alar trimming to make the nostrils smaller

Eyelid surgery Thailand (Blepharoplasty Thailand – a simple procedure to get rid of the bags of fat on the upper and lower eyelids.

Liposuction Thailand – can radically change the patient’s body, eliminating the annoying flab.

Vaser Liposelection Thailand – through ultrasonic wave this surgery can model forms and transform the human body into a living sculpture, highlighting the curves and shapes to a perfect shape.

Abdominoplasty Thailand (Tummy Tuck Thailand) – The pregnancy and major weight loss can compromise the abdominal area, leaving you with loose skin and a belly full of stretch marks. This situation can be corrected through abdominoplasty.

Male to Female Sex Change Thailand – a procedure for people with gender disorder to help them transform from a male to female through two possible procedures, Penile Inversion Technique or Sigmoid Colon-Vaginoplasty techninque.

Female to Male Sex Change Thailand – a procedure for people with gender disorder to help them transform from a female to male through two possible procedures, Phalloplasty Technique or Metoidioplasty (Meta) techninque.

Buttocks Implants Thailand – a surgery that increases the size of the bottom by inserting implants in the buttocks area.

Gynecomastia Thailand – gynecomastia plastic surgery removes the extra skin in the breast of the man. In gynecomastia, the plastic surgeon removes the mammary glands, giving a new aspect to the male chest.

Otoplasty Thailand – The ear is a delicate structure and aesthetic changes to the ear can cause great emotional distress for patients with floppy ears . In these cases the plastic surgeon performs otoplasty, which will shape the new ear shape for a more pleasing structure.

Penis Enlargement – the plastic surgery to enlarge the penis can provide a larger and thicker penis through a surgical procedure.

Penile prosthesis – surgery to implant a penile prosthesis which is a very effective treatment for male impotence.

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When you schedule your plastic surgery consultation with us, you will have access to a skilled surgical team ready to answer all your questions and concerns about your plastic surgery. After your virtual evaluation, you will become aware of important aspects of your plastic surgery such as pre op, required exams, risks, outcomes and possible complications. A perfect understanding by the patient and the surgeon is essential to your surgery success. Exactly why the patient will have access to plastic surgery photos before and after thousands of patients who have already passed by the clinic and hospital. The before and after pictures of plastic surgery will help you better understand the procedure that you want.