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Penile implants Thailand

If you have the so-called undersized penis and you are so embarrassed with having it- a penile implants Thailand will surely helps.   It is not impossible to wake up one day with a new “brand” sex asset that could be so attractive and very “exciting to use” during the intimate moments with your partner.

Why penile implants?

Penile implants can be of great help for males with erectile dysfunction (ED).  The penile implants are devices put inside the penis to allow erection.

Is the penile implants Thailand safe?

            Penile implants are safe and effective solution for male impotence since it was introduced in early 1970’s.

How soon a penile implants Thailand patient can return to work?

            Without any after surgery complications, the patient can return to work after three to four days.

After the penile implants surgery, how many days will the patient can be active in contact sports?

            For contact sports, normally it is after two to three weeks.

How about sex?

The patient can have sex after six weeks to two months.

Will the erection angle be lower after phalloplasty lengthening?

            Slightly or not at all because the suspensory ligaments were not cut but only the distal part which does not affect penile angle.

Is there prescribed medication to stop the painful erection for few weeks after the penile implants Thailand?

            The surgeon will prescribe medication to relieve the pain.    It is normal to feel pain in the beginning during the erection.

Should antibiotics be taken after the surgery has been completed?

            Antibiotics will be administered intravenously before the surgical incision.  The patients do not need to self medicate in preparation for the surgery.

What are the risks of a penile implants Thailand?

  • Infection.  Just like any surgeries, the possibility of infection can be acquired.  Especially if the patient has a spinal cord injury or he is diabetic.  Males who need surgery to adjust or replace an implant are at risk of infection.
  • The new penile implant designs are reliable but there are cases the implants will not work accurately.    Surgery is needed to remove or repair or replace a broken implant.
  • Internal erosion.  There are cases that an implant may stick to the skin inside the penis or it may wear away the skin inside the penis.  Or the implants break through the skin.  These kinds of problem are linked to an infection.

What is some recovery information after the penile implants Thailand?

Your surgeon will prescribe some instruction regarding your post operative care.  You have to these instructions accordingly:

  • It is good for a night stay in the hospital for monitoring the implants results.
  • Once you are back at home, you have to bed rest and do not exert too much physical movements or activities.  Give yourself time to heal
  • Take the pain reliever medications for the soreness and pain after the anesthesia wears off.
  • Massage your penis daily with Vaseline which will helps to prevent lumps forming on the surface.
  • Always keep the surgical area clean but avoid water getting into the area.